Our company LLC «Asian Jam»  is engaged in the production of fruit jams, compotes and fruits in its own juice under the brand «SEMPRE» from berries and fruits of the best varieties of the sunny country of Uzbekistan.


Company LLC «Asian Jam» was created in 2013. In short periods company won the domestic market with its products under the brand «SEMPRE». Our jams are produced with a capacity of up to 2,800 kg of finished products per day on equipment  «Kurtsan» (Turkish production), which has been working for 36 years on the world market on food processing.


Using cutting - edge technologies, we preserved all tastes and vitamins in our fruit jams, compotes and fruit in own juice «SEMPRE». The gifts of Uzbek land are known far beyond its borders by their unique taste and unique useful vitamins and minerals. This is how our homeland differs in its favorable warm climate, which is affected  the quality of the grown fruits. For you, we canned fruits in this beauty and turned it into an unsurpassed taste, a vitaminized treat.  The preparation of these products have its own subtleties and the secrets of successful preparation, and we know these secrets, and we produce them only for You.