It is not a secret that our trade mark develops fruit market «SEMPRE» that nowadays exist almost in each house which are valued for their natural and not duplicated properties. Readers of our products know that our products are manufactured according to modern technologies using only natural and high-grade raw materials. Respectively our products, fruit jams, fruit in own juice and fruit compotes are well bought by domestic consumers and is considered as an example for own analogues. Having become as partners or distributors of «SEMPRE» you can promote without hindrance popular products not only in domestic market.


According our experience we know that our products are known for many uzbek families and well sold in wholesale and retail chains. It is easy and comfortable to implement them since using cutting - edge technologies we preserved all tastes and vitamins in our fruit jams, compotes and fruit in own juice «SEMPRE» today occurs rarely. Production «SEMPRE» is considered to give good mood and high level of positiveness to their fans. To buy products for wholesaling or retailing - ask the manager of our company. Use contact details or visit the office «SEMPRE» youself. Make own contribution for impoving the life of our compatriots, offer them running productions with high quality.

 Offer for the CIS and the Far Abroad.

We invite to cooperation the importing companies and distributors on the territory of the CIS and Far abroad on distribution of food products: fruit jams, fruit in own juice and fruit compotes.


  Features of the partner offer:

  • Stable profitability. Stable profitability of the production is guarantied by uniform price policy, sale increasing program and bonus system;
  •  Reliability and convenience of cooperation, conditioned by direct sales experience. Direct sales experience for wholesaling markets and work with trade networks helps company to sequentially build a regional marketing policy, competently addressing the dealer's problems and tasks;
  •  We supply you with goods by the minimum possible price for our distributors;
  •  We offer you the standards of interier, equipment, outdoor advertisement as well as project design;
  •  We supply you with packaging and consumables for the trade organization in market;

Cooperation options

Distributor sells to network and retail distribution channels and exerts efforts for the promotion of goods on a fixed territory.

 Discount for distributors is formed depending on the following indicators: volume of purchased goods, terms of purchase, sanity of assortment, 1 or 2 deliveries are made exclusively for prepayment, periodicity.




 Nowadays we are looking for distributers for cooperation in the following regions:

Russia, Afghanistan, Azerbaidjan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldovia, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Georgia.
Contact details

 Manager of Marketing Department

Tashpulatov Sarvar

Tel.: +(99893) 382-09-17