Fruit in own juice Peach

Fruit in own juice Peach

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Fruit in own juice "Peach" «Sempre» is an unsurpassed taste of a vitaminized delicacy.


Useful properties of Peach

Peach contains organic acids: malic, tartaric, lemon; Mineral salts of elements such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium and magnesium. It is rich in a vitamin complex: vitamin C, vitamins of group B, E, K, PP, and also carotene. The composition of the compote of peaches also includes pectins and essential oils.

Peach strenghthens secretory activity of the stomach, improves digestion of fatty foods, has useful properties for such ailments as gout, rheumatism, kidney disease. Peach strenghthens 

Compositions of fruit in own juice

Fruit in own juice "Peach". Food and energy value in 100 g of product: Carbohydrates 22g, Vitamin C-2mg. The energy value is 84 kcal. Ingredients: cherry 85%, sugar, 14%, citric acid 0.02%

The composition of all fruits in its own juice: consists of fruit 85%, sugar 14%, citric acid 0.02%